Every user is given a role that grants them certain permissions. Permissions are additive, so every role has the same permission as the role below it, plus a few additional things.


Users with the Regular role have the most limited permissions. It’s likely most of your users will have this role. Regular users have some limitations including:

  • Can only see published Tasks
  • Can view Planner but can’t edit tasks


This role is intended for users on your team who help with task planning, but do not help with AFK approvals or team management. Schedulers can do everything Regular users can, and also:

  • See unpublished Tasks
  • Edit tasks in Planner for all users


Managers are the people on your team in charge of user administration, AFK approvals, and finalizing tasks. They can do everything Schedulers can, and also:

  • Publish tasks in Planner
  • See User Notes in Planner
  • View and edit Staffing Needs
  • View and approve/decline AFK requests
  • View and change Admin Settings


Admins have no restrictions. They can do everything Managers can, and also:

  • View and modify Payments details