Conflicts indicate tasks that are assigned at a time the user is not available to work.


When a user has a task conflict it will show in Planner by turning the Day Details red on that day. Conflicts are caused by assigning a task on unavailable time (gray background) or on Partial Available time where that task is not available (striped background).

Maria’s conflict is from the 11:00 Tickets task on a time she’s not available (gray background). Martha’s conflict is from the 12:00 Chat task at a time she can’t do Chat (red striped background).

Manage AFK

When reviewing AFK requests, a red label will show conflicts what would be caused by approving the request. Hover your mouse over the label to see the conflicting tasks. These conflicts will not show in Planner until the AFK is approved.

Noah has 5 tasks assigned during the time he’s requesting AFK. If the AFK was approved, these tasks would turn into conflicts.

Last Minute AFK

Since Last Minute AFK is auto-approved, conflicts will appear in Planner as soon as a request is submitted, as well as in Manage AFK.

The 4 tasks on Claudia’s day of Last Minute AFK are already showing as conflicts in Planner.