The Day Details widget gives information about the user’s day to help guide decisions about availability and task assignments. It shows slightly different information depending on what section you’re looking at.

Across all sections

AFK and Days Off are represented the same no matter where you see Day Details.

  • Full Days Off will be purple and say DAY OFF.
  • Half Days Off will be purple and show details about the day.
  • Full Days AFK will be blue and say AFK.
  • Half Days AFK will be blue and show details about the day.
  • Full Days Last Minute AFK will be blue and say LMAFK.

If there are Notes on a day an icon will appear on the Day Details widget, and can be viewed by clicking on the widget.


When assigning tasks in Planner, the Day Details shows you the number of scheduled task hours, and the number of Schedulable Hours (if the user saved My Schedule for that day).

The Day Details widgets tell us Sofia need to be scheduled 6 hours of tasks, and Stella needs 4 hours of tasks this day.

Scheduled hours will update as you add and remove tasks, making it easy to ensure that you’re scheduling the right number of hours for each user.

If there are conflicts on a user’s day, the Day Details will be red.

Oops! Marie’s 10:00 task covers time she’s not available, causing her Day Details widget to turn red indicating the conflict.

My Schedule

Similar to Planner, Day Details in My Schedule first shows the number of hours of availability you’ve set, and then the number of hours you need to mark as available (Available Hours). It also shows your Schedulable Hours to make sure you know how many hours of tasks will be assigned to you in Planner.

On Monday I need to mark 8 hours of availability, and 6 of them will be filled with tasks in Planner. Tuesday is a Half Day Off so my available and schedulable time is reduced.