The Preferences section is where you can customize your profile, set the tasks you’ll work on, adjust notifications, and sync to calendars.


General preferences include:

  • First name, Last name: Your wonderful name!
  • Email: The email where you want to receive notifications and help request responses.
  • User notes: Any notes to help schedule tasks for you in Planner. Only Managers and Admins will see this. Read more about notes.
  • My timezone: Your base timezone. If you’re traveling you can set temporary timezones on individual days in My Schedule.
  • Tasks I’ll work on: Select the tasks you want to be able to be assigned. You can limit tasks on certain days and times by setting Partial Availability.


Select which events you’d like to receive a notification for. We currently support Email notifications.


Grab a link here to your personal task schedule and sync it to your favorite calendar app like Google Calendar and iCal.