AFK is an abbreviation meaning Away From Keyboard. It represents time you’re taking off work outside of your normal days off. Other companies may call this “leave,” “vacation/sick time,” or “personal days.” You can personalize the reasons your users are taking AFK in Admin Settings.


Any user can request AFK from the My AFK section. These requests will show up in the Manage AFK section where Managers and Admins can approve or decline them.

Once a request is approved, you will be shown as AFK in Planner and My Schedule. For full-day and multiple-day AFK, any available time you marked on those days will be hidden. For half-day AFK, your Available Hours and Schedulable Hours requirements will be reduced (read more about Half Day AFK).

Last Minute AFK

Last Minute AFK (LMAFK) is for urgent situations that can’t wait for manager approval, such as sudden illness and family emergencies. These requests are automatically approved so that you can quickly submit the form and get right back to the situation at hand.

Tasks that overlap your LMAFK time will be marked as conflicts, so Managers/Admins can find someone else to pick up the Tasks if needed. To respond quickly, Team Leads and Managers can receive a notification when LMAFK is requested.

When should I use Last Minute AFK?

Every team will have a different idea of which life situations merit the use of Last Minute AFK. Since misusing it could cause holes in your Task coverage, your team should set clear guidelines so everyone knows when they should and should not use this feature.