🔒 Only Managers and Admins can access Manage AFK and approve or decline AFK requests.

The Manage AFK section lets Managers and Admins view all AFK requests and approve or decline new requests. Read more about AFK and Last Minute AFK.

The tabs let you filter to view certain types of requests:

  • All upcoming shows every upcoming request.
  • Pending shows all upcoming requests that are waiting to be approved or declined.
  • Approved shows all upcoming requests that have already been approved.
  • Declined shows all upcoming requests that have been declined.
  • Archived shows all AFK from past dates.

Along with seeing the details of each AFK request, you can also click on the •••menu to Edit requests (only pending requests) or Cancel requests.

If an AFK request covers time where you already have tasks assigned, these conflicts will show on the request. Read more about task conflicts.

Approving or Declining AFK

Regular AFK requests won’t reflect in the system until they are approved. Once you press the Approve button the AFK will be shown in Planner and My Schedule.

If you can’t approve a request (e.g. if there are already too many people AFK that day) you can press the Decline button. The request will still show up in Manage AFK for historic purposes, but it will not show in Planner or My Schedule.

Handling Last Minute AFK

Last Minute AFK is intended for emergency situations where the user can’t wait for manager approval. Because of this, Last Minute AFK is “auto-approved” and immediately shows in Planner and My Schedule. Read more about Last Minute AFK.

However it’s still useful to review Last Minute AFK, especially if it creates task conflicts you want to try to reassign. So these requests will appear in the Pending list but instead of approving or declining them, you can press the OK button to note that you’ve seen the request and done whatever you needed to respond.